Structure of the US Congress

US Congress

Congress is the governing body of the United States and has been in power for decades. The body is divided into the House of Representatives and the Senate. Most of the work by Congress is divided between these two bodies by forming a separate committee, each taking care of one another. To help with these duties, the Congress also has the Library of Congress and the Government Accountability Office, which helps the members provide the necessary information and assist them in every aspect of their duty. Another vast set of members is also appointed to help in diverse operations, especially in need of emergencies.

The different committees formed by the US congress in mentioned below:


This committee allows congress members to study subjects intensively and research the topic. One particular member can only hold expertise in some of the whereabouts. Hence the specialization committee is created to assign investigations to different groups. After collecting the necessary data, the group advises Congress to make better foreign, financial and other decisions.


The different committees created furthermore are responsible for writing different subjects of the legislation. The house of Representatives is responsible for discharging all the petition processes and is also responsible for the implementation of committee action. His committees and other sub-committees gather the necessary information and evaluate the alternatives to find viable solutions to problems.


The offer is also called the speaker. At the start of the two-year tenure, an officer or a speaker is appointed who is not just responsible for conducting party meetings but also for making significant decisions in the party.


The congress library, or the Library of Congress, was established in 1800 and primarily has law books and was burned down in a British War in 1812. However, Congress purchased the library and established the books to help people on the committee for reference and to make critical legal decisions. The congress library is considered the largest in the world  which has over 150 million copies to help in excellent decision-making.


The congressional research service is created for the senators and other representatives for them to carry out their official duties. One of the main objectives of this body is to provide ideas to run and curate the legislation, analyze bills and facilitate other public hearings. It is also one of the essential bodies to help resolve any disagreements inside the apartment.


This is a federal agency that helps in making economic decisions by collecting and providing data. This body is created to help in revenue estimations and to manage the inflow of taxes and the country’s overall expenditure.


Lobby groups are created to help Congress seek some influence on the necessary decisions to be taken, which will also reflect not the client’s needs. Over 15,000 federal lobbyists in Washington are ready to set legislative goals and help them.

Structure of the US Congress

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