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The US Political System – Guide for Immigrants

The US political system is not complex and can be easily understood by immigrants worldwide. Like any other country, it is divided into different sectors, each taking care of different duties. Although it might be a bit intimidating in the beginning, it is important to understand thoroughly to have a better knowledge of the country […]

The Presidential Election in the U.S.

Presidential elections take place every four years in the United States. The presidential nominee will mostly be from the two major parties, Republican and Democratic. A seven-month-long election campaign will begin when the two parties have elected their president and vice president candidates. Along with the candidates from the major parties, a few candidates from […]

Top Ten Facts About Social Security in USA

Social security is a federal program that provides security to Americans and ensures that their healthcare requirements are met effectively. However, there are certain eligibility requirements that need to be met in order to get social security benefits. Although social security is a well-known and successful program, many people don’t actually know many things about […]

A Brief History of American Politics

The History of American Politics is one of the least discussed topics compared to the country’s cultural and economic History. Colonial Politics (1607-1776) During this time, the Anglo-Saxons owned the local self-government and modified the system after the Normans in 1066. People got used to this colonial system, and they gained access to the following: […]

American Political History: A Very Short Introduction

American Political History: A Very Short Introduction is a famous book written by Donald T. Critchlow. He is well known for his ability for accurate analysis and for presenting a realistic picture or perspective over a wide range of topics. Clear Analysis This book is a clear analysis of American democracy and how it has […]

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