Top Ten Facts About Social Security in USA

Social Security in USA

Social security is a federal program that provides security to Americans and ensures that their healthcare requirements are met effectively. However, there are certain eligibility requirements that need to be met in order to get social security benefits. Although social security is a well-known and successful program, many people don’t actually know many things about it. This article will give you the top ten facts about social security in America:

There is Some Room for Error

Unfortunately, many people in the past have failed to get the benefits that they deserve because of the errors made in their earnings records. However, did you know that you get a time period of three years, three months, and 15 days to fix the errors?

It Offers Scope for Choice

Many people often feel that they may have made a poor judgment in availing of the social security benefits at the wrong time. The social security program gives a time period of 12 months to citizens to reconsider their choice and apply for withdrawal of the application. However, whatever amount of money you’ve been paid until then, you will need to pay it back in full.

You Can Change Your Social Security Number

You Can Change Your Social Security Number

The federal program is well known for giving unique social security numbers to each citizen. It is highly unlikely that any citizen will ever share the same social security number with another citizen.

The federal program gives citizens a choice of changing their social security number as well. However, it needs to be done on a reasonable basis. A citizen is only allowed to make changes to their social security number if they have suffered from identity theft or domestic violence.

Children Can Avail of the Benefits of Social Security

Benefits of Social Security

Unfortunately, many people are unaware that children can also take advantage of social security. It is given to those who are under eighteen or, in case they are still in high school, until nineteen. They can be eligible for the benefits in case their parents have retired or become disabled and have passed away.

It’s Not Available for Newly Married Couples

If a couple has married recently and one of them passes away, then the surviving spouse will only be available for the survivor benefits if the couple has been married for a minimum of nine months. However, if one of them is in the police or military and dies while on duty, then the survivor spouse will be entitled to the benefits. This is also applicable in case the spouse dies in an accident.

To Sum Up

These are some of the interesting facts about social security in the US. It has played a vital role in protecting many Americans from difficult financial circumstances and in events of loss. Moreover, it has been incredibly helpful for vulnerable workers and Americans above the age of sixty-five.

Top Ten Facts About Social Security in USA

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