American Political History: A Very Short Introduction

American Political History

American Political History: A Very Short Introduction is a famous book written by Donald T. Critchlow. He is well known for his ability for accurate analysis and for presenting a realistic picture or perspective over a wide range of topics.

Clear Analysis

This book is a clear analysis of American democracy and how it has changed over the years. He goes into the diverse nature of America and talks about the various problems that have long affected and been debated over in the country.

Solid Research

Critchlow brings his experience of his professorship at Arizona State University and solidifies the history of the country in the minds of the readers with his vast knowledge of history. The book has received many positive reviews for being well-researched and having clear language.

Brief Overview

Brief Overview

If you want a brief overview of American politics without beating around the bush, this book will give you a clear account. It covers many Presidential and Congressional elections and highlights the strengths and weaknesses of every person that has come into power. You will also get a taste of the political atmosphere in those periods and get the big picture.


Another major benefit that comes from reading this book is that you will receive a bias-free picture of the American political landscape. After all, books without the presence of strong political biases are becoming a rarity in this day and age.

Hence, this book can be a fresh breath of air. For instance, many people are often surprised to know that Republicans have been vocal about the evils of slavery and segregation in the old days. You will also get an insight into what the future of the country can possibly look like.

America’s Embrace of Ideas

The author also explores the federal nature of America and how it has been a ground where many ideas have sprung forth. You will come to see just what an important and impactful role each federal state has to play, although it is Washington that is always typically highlighted.

The Dark Side of American Politics

The author isn’t afraid to address the dark side of American politics either. You will come to understand what a devastating role corruption and scandals have had to play and how they’ve changed the course of American history in many ways.

To Sum Up

This book can surely challenge your views on the Democrats and Republicans, and it will help you understand what a long and interesting journey American politics has had. It is perfect for those people who have difficulty concentrating and going through heavy American history books with an overwhelming amount of information. It is a good read for young people as well.

American Political History: A Very Short Introduction

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