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Important Constitutional Powers of Congress in the United States

Congress forms a significant part of the United States legislation in the United States which  is responsible for making important decisions. The Congress or any other party of the United States follows the constitution, created in 1789, with the legislative branch as the most innovative one. The founders of Congress intended the party to have […]

The legislative branch of the United States

The US political system is unique and comprises of different branches. This division helps in maintain a balance e of power and ensures the proper use of power to maintain decorum in the country. According to Article I of the US constitution, the legislative branch comprises two different branches: The house of representatives The Senate […]

Bicameral Political System in the United States

A bicameral system means having two different houses in the government which take care of different queries. For example, the US political system is divided into the House of Representatives and the Senate. These two bodies make up the US Congress. It also follows a unicameral system where all members of the legislature vote as […]

The US Political System – Guide for Immigrants

The US political system is not complex and can be easily understood by immigrants worldwide. Like any other country, it is divided into different sectors, each taking care of different duties. Although it might be a bit intimidating in the beginning, it is important to understand thoroughly to have a better knowledge of the country […]

The Presidential Election in the U.S.

Presidential elections take place every four years in the United States. The presidential nominee will mostly be from the two major parties, Republican and Democratic. A seven-month-long election campaign will begin when the two parties have elected their president and vice president candidates. Along with the candidates from the major parties, a few candidates from […]

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